Invitation to CITY GOLF TOUR 2022


Sundsvall Mos-Alliansen


Competitions: Dates Competition Organizer Ball alternatives
  17 – 18 April Qualifier 1 Askim Free choice
23 – 24 April Qualifier  2 Uppsala Golf ball only
30 April – 1 May Qualifier  3 Gullbergsbro Golf ball only
28 – 29 May Qualifier 4 Sundbyberg Golf ball only
30 June – 3 July Qualifier  5 Linköping* Golf ball only
6 – 7 August Qualifier  6 Sundsvall Golf ball only
20 – 21 August Qualifier 7 Örnsköldsvik Golf ball only
27 – 28 August Qualifier  8 Örebro Golf ball only
  10 – 11 September Final Haga Golf ball only
Format: All qualifiers except from qualifier 5 (Linköping) will be played over seven rounds (4+3).

Pro- (Open)
Amateur- HCP 5.0 >

Youth players 14 and 15 years old can choose to play in Pro or Amateur depending on their handicap.

All international players, except international youth players, will automatically participate in the pro class of each tournament. In order to compete in the amateur class each player needs to apply for an exemption no later than three weeks before the tournament starts. The application will be handled by the board of MOS-alliansen.

Starting times: Starting time is 12:00 on the first day of competition and 08:00 on day two.
Starting fee: 600 SEK for all qualifiers except for qualifier 5.

For qualifier 5 in Linköping the registration fee 950 SEK according to the regulations for championship competitions in Sweden.
Price money:

75 SEK/participant is distributed towards the leaderboard for City Golf Tour.
100 SEK/participant is distributed from "Amatuer" class towards "Pro" class.
The organizer will then distribute the prices in the different classes.

Qualifying: To qualify for the City Golf Tour Final you need to play in at least 3 Qualifiers.

Top 3 finishers in each Qualifier are automatically qualified for the final, provided that they have played in at least 3 Qualifiers.

After each qualifier the points will be distributed towards the leaderboard, regardless of class played. Se link below for how points will be distributed. 

Youth players playing in youth class will not be able to qualify to the final.
Rules: 1.       The flag stays in the hole, but every player is allowed to remove it prior to their first stroke on the hole.
2.       Relocation of the ball is according to ”line of sight”, a ball that comes to rest behind an obstacle must still be behind the obstacle after the ball has been moved.
3.       Balls leaving the course will be put in on top of the border where the ball left the course. No penalty stroke is awarded.

In competitions played with golf ball only, the organizer will distribute this ball at least two days before the start of the competition.
Point distribution (.pdf dokument)